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C-MEM (Drinking Water, Bathing Water, Service Water)

C-MEM is an ultra-filtration technology for the treatment and disinfection of drinking water.

The filtration is done via micro-pores (average pore size 20.1 nm – sterile filtration) in hollow fibres with diameters of 0.3 – 0.5 mm. Several hundred hollow fibres are combined to bundles and wound up in cartridges.

Due to the very small micro-pores only clean water can get inside the hollow fibre. Bacteria, viruses and solid particles in the raw water are kept outside. The drinking water produced is free from infectious agents, colourless, odourless and neutrally flavoured.

Although C-MEM has only one process step, it can replace conventional technology with flocculation – sedimentation – sand filtration and also reaches far better effluent values in addition.

Basically, there are two designs of C-MEM for drinking water production: either as Gravity Driven Membrane (GDM) for small plants (C-MEM Zero) or mobile / fixed installed plants with electric pumps for higher flows. The plants can be operated with pressure or underpressure.

Advantages of C-MEM

  • Highly efficient separation of bacteria and viruses (104 – 107 fold reduction) of any kind in one process step (physical barrier).
  • Conventional flocculation – sedimentation – sand filtration can be omitted. The plant gets much more compact.
  • Compared to sand filters the membrane cannot break.
  • Bacteria and viruses are separated and not only inactivated.
  • There are no side products and odour emissions.
  • The drinking water produced is colourless, odourless and neutrally flavoured (provided there are no other additional process steps).
  • Very mobile application of GDM in disaster areas or for expeditions.
  • The membranes have a long lifetime and are cheaply and easily replaceable.


  • Production of drinking water (from river water, lake water, spring water, rain water)
  • Decentralized water filtration in isolated villages without electricity, camping, expeditions, disaster regions etc.
  • Swimming pools
  • Fish and swimming ponds
  • Production of service water

For drinking water C-MEM is available in the following plant configurations: C-MEM submerged and C-MEM pressurized

C-MEM Zero Function

C-MEM Zero for treatment of lower flows by means of gravity

Brauchwasseraufbereitung aus Kläranlagenablauf

Production of Service Water from WWTP Effluent

Mobile C-MEM-Anlage (Angola)

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment


Certificate Microbiological Effluent Quality C-MEM Water Spring Hut Enderle (Germany)

EU-Declaration of Compliance

Unique Features:

We have learned from the deficiencies of other membrane technologies and have refined these technologies.

The following features prove this and hence clearly speak for C-MEM:


Unique HDPE fiber with 3D micro pores (average pore size 20.1 nm)


because by means of them suspended solids, bacteria and viruses are safely separated (104 – 107-fold reduction) and not only inactivated.


Extremely compact cartridge form


because this saves 50 % space and the membranes are fully protected.


Modularly expandable system


because any number of cartridges can be combined to one module and every plant size can be equipped.


Operational cost savings

 C-MEM submerged


because the innovative backwash system with combined water and air scour reduces the consumption of energy and cleaning chemicals.


More Info:

C-MEM BrochureC-MEM Zero Brochure






Heating plant Schlanders (Italy)Heating plant Schlanders (Italy)
Heating plant Schlanders (Italy)

Treatment of biomass condensate (separation of heavy metals) Flow rate: 12 m³/ day up [Vollansicht]

Drinking water treatment FuschlDrinking water treatment Fuschl
Drinking water treatment Fuschl

Flow rate: up to 864 m³/per day up to 36 m³ /h Cartridges: 64 Commisioning: [Vollansicht]

Treatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane LaoTreatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane Lao
Treatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane Lao

Typ: C-MEM MBR Flow rate: 454 m³/d up to 45 m³/h Cartriges: 640 pcs. Modules: 10 Start-Up: 2023 [Vollansicht]