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The C-TECH Technology is an advancement of the sequenced batch reactor technology (SBR technology) for wastewater treatment.

The difference to conventional SBR technologies lies in the application of an anaerobic selector, which suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause sludge bulking, and in the internal recyling of the biomass of a main reactor zone in this selector.

A further feature that distinguishes the C-TECH Technology from conventional SBR technologies is simultaneous carbon oxidation and nitrification / denitrification in one basin.

This allows for shorter cycle times as well as the omission of a separate denitrification cycle. Hence, no mixers for denitrification are necessary.

The process control by means of OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) determines time and intensity of aeration according to the degree of pollution in the wastewater, which results in economic operation of the plant i.e. low operation costs.

Due to a relatively high sludge concentration in the C-TECH basins the treatment level of the plant is also very high.

The C-TECH Technology requires a minimum of equipment, offers simple operation at low operation costs and hence is the optimum solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.


  • small footprint
  • small proportion of M & E equipment
  • high treatment level for N and P
  • suppression of bulking sludge
  • great flexibility in load fluctuations at low operation costs
  • low energy consumption (ca. 20 % less than conventional continuous flow systems)


  • nutrient removal
  • carbon removal only
  • simultaneous sludge stabilization
  • nitrification at very low temperatures
  • enhanced biological phosphorus removal

Industrial Applications especially, but not limited to

  • beverage and food industry
  • paper and pulp industry
  • slaughterhouses
  • chemical and petro-chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • dairy farms

Geometry of C-TECH Plants


Rectangular Basin

Slovenska Bistrica (Slovenia)

Slovenska Bistrica (Slovenia)










Round Basin


Tychy (Poland)











C-TECH is also available in container form. 2 sizes:

    • Type A 20 ft. Container
    • Type B 40 ft. Container

3 treatment levels:

    • Level 1 carbon removal only
    • Level 2 simultaneous sludge stabilization
    • Level N nitrogen and phosphorus removal

Depending on temperature and dimensioning conditions 1,000 p.e or up to 400 m³/d wastewater can be treated per container. Parallel containers can treat a multiple of this.


polypropylene, steel, stainless steel

C-TECH Container Tres Rios (Costa Rica)

C-TECH Container Tres Rios (Costa Rica)

Unique Features:

We have learned from the deficiencies of other conventional SBR technologies and have refined these technologies.

The following features prove this and hence clearly speak for C-TECH:


In-basin selector


because it is the precondition for simultaneous nitrification / denitrification (i.e. without an anoxic mixing phase) and for increased biological phosphorus removal, which results in savings of precipitation agents.


Simultaneous nitrification / denitrification


because mixers are not necessary (due to missing anoxic mixing) and hence 25 % energy can be saved.


OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate)


because by this the oxygen uptake and consequently the energy consumption can be adapted to the actual demand.


More Info:

C-TECH Brochure



HAWKHURST (UK) Städtisches abwasser / Municipal Wastewater               Lasten / Loadings Qd 504 [Vollansicht]


LASTEN / LOADINGS Qd 5,472 m³ / d max. dry weather flow 228 m³ [Vollansicht]

Zupanja WWTP – CroatiaZupanja WWTP – Croatia
Zupanja WWTP – Croatia

17,000 p.e. 3,513 m³/d 2 basins start-up: 2017 [Vollansicht]