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To meet the high requirements of our clients and customers qualified applicants with sound technical education and training (e.g. automation and electrical engineering, degree in environmental engineering/process engineering)  and excellent knowledge of English in the fields of sale, project management, engineering, process technologies as well as research and development are given preferred employment. In addition to their technical skills applicants should also have teamwork skills and be willing to travel. We also offer internships for students who write a disseration or diploma thesis in the field of environmental engineering.

As Consultant and Contractor we can cover the entire range of services and supplies i.e. design, sale, project management, detail design, research and development, membrane production, supervision of erection, start-up and after sales services ourselves.

Therefore, we can offer a great number of interesting tasks with attractive perspectives.

Due to the positive trends in our company we are constantly looking for new employees. In case there are no jobs offered on our website, please send your spontaneous application to office@sfcu.at