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What do you mean by sustainability in water and wastewater treatment?

For us, sustainability in water and wastewater treatment primarily means minimising the use of resources for the construction and operation of treatment plants.

Examples from our portfolio of this are the much lower use of precipitants for phosphorus removal and the general energy requirements of our C-TECH systems for wastewater treatment.

We have also designed our C-MEM ultrafiltration cartridge in such a way that it can always be reprocessed in the factory at the end of the filter membrane’s service life.

This not only saves considerable resources/waste, but also up to 1/3 of the membrane replacement costs for the operator.

Our C-ION oxidation technology requires far less electrical energy than comparable ozone processes and does not require pure oxygen or other air treatment.

In our view, the design of new treatment processes should therefore focus far more on the low use of resources, such as the possibility of recycling the components used or the low use of chemicals.


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