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Technologies for Biomethanisation of Biogenic Residuals and Renewable Raw Materials

C-GAS Technology

C-GAS covers technologies of SFCU (and its technology partner) for the production of biogas from biogenic residuals and renewable raw materials plus purification of the biogas produced, and utilization in a cogeneration plant.

Furthermore, SFCU can provide a technology for methane enrichment and advanced purification of biogas so that the treated biogas can be fed into the natural gas distribution system.

For the production of biogas 2 processes are applied:

CSTR-Process (standard process) Continuously fed and completely stirred mesophilic (or thermophilic) reactor


– allows for high solid contents both of substrate and liquor in the reactor

– floating and settling of solids is prevented due to an elaborated mixing technique

– mixers can be retrieved without emptying the reactor



Two-stage process for the fermentation of substrates of high energy density and solids content


– increased biogas yield at shorter retention time (typically 10 days) in reactor


Substrates for Biogas Production from

– agricultural industry (manures, agro-wastes, energy plants, livestock wastes)

– food industry (wastes, stale food)

– chemical industry (glycerine, alcoholes)

– disposal facilities (municipal green wastes)

– landscape and aquatic environment conservation (ensiled hay)


Digester Internals

Digester Internals

Biomethanisation Plant

Biomethanisation Plant