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SFCU together with Trant Engineering at the first virtual European Wastewater Management Conference

EWWM 2020_710_368

The European Wastewater Management Conference organized by AquaEnviro and planned for summer had to be cancelled due to Corona. But now it will take place, however only virtually, from October 13 – 14. Main topics will be: experiences with phosphorus removal, future challenges, membranes, granular sludge, nitrogen removal, biological nutrient removal, carbon management etc.

SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH and Trant Engineering will give the following presentation about SFCU´s C-TECH technology:

–          Cycle Activated Sludge Technology (C-TECHTM) – What discharge values of total phosphorus can be achieved in a bioreactor without post-treatment? – A Case Study

Access to the virtual conference under: https://ewwmconference.com/registration/


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