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SFCU with Trant Engineering at the recognized 12th European Waste Water Management Conference

EWWMC1 - kleinEWWMC5

This year´s European Waste Water Management Conference, organized by AquaEnviro, was held in Manchester United Football Stadium from July 17 – 18, 2018. It focused on the topics phosphorus, catchments and networks, innovative processes, sustainable solutions, priority substances and contaminants, process optimization etc.

The conference considers all aspects of the wastewater treatment cycle and provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to meet and discuss the needs and interests of the European water industry.  It is attended by over 200 professionals and recognized both for the quality of the individual presentations and the debates that follow these presentations.

Process specialist Dr. Simon Jabornig made a presentation each on SFCU´s wastewater treatment technologies C-TECH and C-ION.

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