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Official handover of Mittphab hospital WTP and WWTP (Laos)

Mittaphab WTP_1

Mittaphab WTP

Mittaphab WWTP_1

Mittaphab WWTP


After the completion of all works and start-up in the middle of May as well as inspection by the Ministry of Health at the end of June the official handover of Mittaphab hospital C-MEM WTP and C-MEM WWTP took place in Laos´ capital Vientiane on July 4, 2017.

Per day 165 m³ hospital wastewater and 198 m³ drinking water respectively are treated there.

The membrane bioreactor MBR for wastewater treatment consists of 4 C-MEM modules with totally 256 cartridges, the water treatment plant of 6 modules with totally 60 cartridges.

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