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During the 7th VDI conference “Legionella from recooling plants “

from 28.03.23 to 29.03.23 in Würzburg, Dr. Simon Jabornig presented the patented C-MEM Eco-3D technology for the treatment of make-up and circulating water of adiabatic recooling plants.

The expert audience with more than 150 participants consisted of representatives of authorities, experts, manufacturers, plant constructors and operators of such plants. In the presentation, the advantages and results of the demonstration project at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences were presented in more detail.

C-MEM ultrafiltration reliably removes legionella from extra water and circulating water.

Furthermore, far less biocide is needed and there are additional savings in make-up water/wastewater and cleaning efforts for the recooling systems.

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