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C-MEM ultrafiltration technology has an extremely wide range of applications

starting from drinking water treatment, wastewater purification and water recycling.

SFC’s C-MEM technology, in collaboration with Trant Engineering Ltd, is also part of the innovative Severn Trent Water’s Urban Strategy Demonstration Site in Spernal. The aim of the NextGen Water project is to develop the wastewater treatment plant of the future, using the energy content and nutrients of wastewater as valuable resources.

C-MEM is used as membrane filtration step in an AnMBR process and safely removes residual solids, particulate COD and BOD and microorganisms, making it an ideal intermediate stage for the further removal of dissolved nutrients in the downstream stages. C-MEM was selected for this innovative wastewater treatment approach due to the compact construction and low energy demand.

Learn more about Spernal demonstration site:

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