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Arsenic in groundwater is of natural origin and released from the sediment into the groundwater, depending on the anoxic conditions of the subsurface.

Arsenic pollution can also come from previous mining / chemical processes.

Arsenic in drinking water constitutes a serious health risk and may lead to chronic diseases like melanosis, spotty or diffuse hair loss, circulatory disorders, conjunctivitis, neuropathy, dizziness, depression, insomnia and headaches. The WHO (World Health Organization) has therefore adopted recommendation to limit arsenic in drinking water to 5 µg/l (ppb).

For the removal of arsenic SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH can offer the most innovative way of water treatment – a combination of ionOXess™ advanced oxidation with non-thermal plasma (oxidation of arsenide and organic compounds), iron coagulation (precipitation of arsenic) and C-MEM™ ultrafiltration membrane technology (complete separation of precipitations and bacteria/viruses > 0.2 µm). This process combination can remove arsenic from well water and treat it up to drinking water quality.



  • much higher effluent quality compared to conventional treatment
  • small footprint
  • modularly expandable
  • easy installation and start-up
  • start-up/stops of operation possible
  • complete removal of suspended solids, bacteria and viruses (membrane barrier)
  • reduction of organic pollutants (NH4, COD, pesticides, herbicides)
  • reduction of organic foulants
  • high oxidation potential
  • improved flocculation behavior
  • long lifetime of equipment, cheap and easy replacement
  • solar driven – very low power demand (NTP app. 30 W, aeration system app. 300 W)
  • no additional chemicals necessary, except iron salt
  • robust process, no fine mechanical parts

The process combination of the advanced oxidation process with non-thermal plasma ionOXessTM and ultrafiltration C-MEMTM can successfully eliminate arsenic contamination of 500 ppm to a degree of non-traceability.



Analysis of raw water sample


Analysis of permeate sample











Unique Features:

We have learned from the deficiencies of other arsenic removal technologies and have refined these technologies.

The following features prove this and hence clearly speak for C-ION:


No additional chemicals


hence reduced health hazard during arsenic removal.


Easy installation and simple operation


hence application in areas with poor infrastructure possible.


Additional removal of bacteria, viruses and other organic pollutants (pesticides, herbicides)


because as arsenic they constitute a risk for man´s health.


More Info:

 C-MEM Brochure Arsenic Removal   C-ION Brochure


Treatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane LaoTreatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane Lao
Treatment of hospital wastewater in Vientiane Lao

Typ: C-MEM MBR Flow rate: 454 m³/d up to 45 m³/h Cartriges: 640 pcs. Modules: 10 Start-Up: 2023 [Vollansicht]

Tenneco Gliwice / PolandTenneco Gliwice / Poland
Tenneco Gliwice / Poland

Flow rate: 173 m³/d up to 7.2 m³/h Cartridge: 64 pcs. Modules: 3 Start [Vollansicht]

C-MEM UF Anlage Stadt Bad TölzC-MEM UF Anlage Stadt Bad Tölz
C-MEM UF Anlage Stadt Bad Tölz

Flow: up to 100 m³/d Cardridge: 2 Start-up: 2021 [Vollansicht]