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Wastewater treatment with C-MEM MBBR in the alpine hut Wiesberghaus


In future the wastewater from the alpine hut Wiesberghaus in the Dachstein area near Hallstadt will be treated with SFCU´s C-MEM MBBR technology. The alpine hut at 1,884 m above sea level is situated in an environmentally sensitive area. Hence, the wastewater from the kitchen, the washrooms and the toilets will be cleaned for reuse as toilet flushing after mechanical pre-treatment. Due to the optimum treatment with the C-MEM MBBR possible remainders can be discharged into a downstream filter shaft without any problems.

In environmentally sensitive areas compliance with a special safety concept i.e. the so-called multi-barrier concept is requested in order to prevent adverse changes in the biosphere in the long term. The C-MEM MBBR technology works most successfully in this respect because the wastewater is treated mechanically, biologically and by membrane filtration for reuse and additionally by UV for discharge.

For the time being, up to 6.75 m³ wastewater per day will be cleaned in the hut.

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