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Start-up of C-MEM MBR plant BIMBO Tijuana in Mexico

Bimbo TijuanaBimbo Tijuana

In the middle of September the C-MEM MBR plant, owned by a worldwide leading Mexican bakery product manufacturer, was started up. The C-MEM WWTP with upstreams dissolved air flotation cleans the wastewater from the bakery product manufacture in Tijuana. Per day up to 18,000 p.e. are treated.

First, fats and oils are separated by means of upstreams DAF as pre-treatment as well as high loads in the inlet are removed, which reduces the necessary basin size for the biology. Afterwards the wastewater is treated biologically with the C-MEM ultrafiltration technology so that it can be reused. By doing so, the water consumption of the company can be reduced significantly.

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