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SFCU together with Trant Engineering at the 13th European Wastewater Management Conference in Birmingham

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This year the European Wastewater Management Conference organized by AquaEnviro will take place from 16.7. – 17.7.2019 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Focal points will include: biological nutrient removal, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, emerging pollutants, process modelling and design, process control and optimisation, AMP 7 challenges, etc.

Dr. Simon Jabornig will give the following presentations at the conference:

-          Enhanced biological phosphorous removal with C-TECH technology applying an optimised anaerobic plug-flow selector

-          C-ION non-thermal plasma oxidative degradation of pharmaceuticals as fourth treatment step of wastewater treatment plants

SFCU will have a common booth with Trant Engineering for questions etc.


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