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Brno-Modrice WWTP – Czech RepublicBrno-Modrice WWTP – Czech Republic
Brno-Modrice WWTP – Czech Republic

conventional technology: single-stage continuous flow system featuring mechanical stage, biological stage, sludge treatment 513,000 [Vollansicht]

Binh Duong Landfill WWTP – VietnamBinh Duong Landfill WWTP – Vietnam
Binh Duong Landfill WWTP – Vietnam

treatment of 480 m³/d leachate start-up: 2009 [Vollansicht]

Paper Mill PISA (Papeles Industriales) WWTP – ChilePaper Mill PISA (Papeles Industriales) WWTP – Chile
Paper Mill PISA (Papeles Industriales) WWTP – Chile

treatment of wastewater from paper production 75,000 p.e. 6,000  m³/d start-up: 2005 [Vollansicht]

Emschermündung Dinslaken WWTP – GermanyEmschermündung Dinslaken WWTP – Germany
Emschermündung Dinslaken WWTP – Germany

Pilot plant C-ION turbine type: IXS3-200 Application: suppression of bulking sludge, removal of trace [Vollansicht]