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Great success of the first virtual European Wastewater Management Conference

Although the European Wastewater Management Conference, organized by AquaEnviro, could only take place virtually on October 13-14 due to Corona, it was a great success due to the excellent organization by AquaEnviro: 300 virtual participants presented and discussed the following main topics: experiences with phosphorus removal, future challenges, membranes, granular sludge, nitrogen removal, biological nutrient removal, carbon management etc.

Dr. Simon Jabornig gave a presentation on SFCU’s C-TECH technology, which was co-authored with SFCU’s British partner company Trant Engineering:

–          Cycle Activated Sludge Technology (C-TECHTM) – What discharge values of total phosphorus can be achieved in a bioreactor without post-treatment? – A Case Study

Link: presentation

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