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Future application of C-MEM Zero donation for Mozambique

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Together with its Portuguese partner company AST, SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH donated three C-MEM Zero units in stainless steel tanks for drinking water treatment in the disaster area of Mozambique at the beginning of April of this year, after cyclone Idai had hit Mozambique hard in mid-March and left flooding and destruction behind.
Due to the storm damage to the drinking water and sewage systems, it was hardly possible to get clean water, and cholera, a serious bacterial diarrhoea, spread rapidly as a result. A large-scale vaccination campaign, on the other hand, had to be supported by the provision of clean drinking water.
With one C-MEM Zero unit up to 200 people per day could be supplied with clean drinking water, since viruses and bacteria are reliably filtered out of the water during ultrafiltration with C-MEM.
After their deployment in the disaster area, the 3 C-MEM Zero units will now be housed in a small health clinic in a poor neighbourhood in Beira to continue helping the poor in Mozambique with poor access to clean water.

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