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C-TECH – well-proven, cost-saving and constantly further developed

C-TECH Jelutong WWTP Malaysia

Jelutong WWTP Malaysia

SFCU’s C-TECH technology is the most advanced variant of the well-known SBR process. The main differences to conventional SBR are:

-          immanent selector zone for conditioning the biomass in the reactor (formation of macroflocs)

-          simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (no more anoxic phases necessary)

-          most efficient biological phosphorus removal

The main advantages of C-TECH are:

-          less space required than for conventional wastewater treatment plants

-          very good effluent quality (COD/BOD/TSS/TN/TP < 50/<10/<10/<10/<10/<1 mg/l)

-          retrofitting into existing tanks possible

-          very low operating and energy costs

-          simple system with low maintenance requirements

-          no bulking sludge, low SVI value

-          direct UV treatment possible

In fact, C-TECH gives a decisive competitive advantage (up to 20% less total investment and operating costs at European prices).

Worldwide references (municipal and industrial plants) of any size are available.

More information under Technologies/Wastewater/C-TECH or References/C-TECH References.




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