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C-MEM specialist Dr. Simon Jabornig on a business trip to Mexico again

Mexico_Ciudad MaderoMexico_Monterrey

From January 15 – 26, 2018 Dr. Simon Jabornig visited several Mexican cities – among them Madero and Tampico – together with SFCU´s Mexican representative Christoph Mayrhofer and SFCU´s Mexican partner company FADIM in order to present SFCU´s technologies C-TECH, C-MEM and C-MEM Zero to the authorities responsible for environmental projects.

Furthermore, they also visited one of the biggest cattle ranches Mexico´s, for which an extension of its drinking water treatment plant and water recycling for its slaughterhouse operation are planned respectively, and the biogas plant of which has problems with cattle manure. And for a big Mexican refinery combine wastewater treatment was discussed with local representatives.

Finally, a meeting with Bioingenieria Co., which several C-MEM Zero units had already been delivered to, was also arranged because they need even more units.

A visit to the C-MEM MBR plant in Monterrey, which is currently being built, was also included in the itinerary.

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